Meal sizes and prices*

Gold card / Seniors

discount rates

Regular @ $11.50

Medium @ $15.50

Large @ $17.75

We can soften or mullie meals but this would incur a small surcharge)

Desserts @ $4.00

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Non gold card/Senior rates

Regular @ $12.500

Medium @ $17.50

Large @ $19.50

Desserts @ $5.00

* Delivery within the

Whanganui residential area is included. 

"You may not know what you are going to get but we know what you like"

Our main meal changes daily to provide a delicious variety each week so you can look forward to a lovely surprise every day. We always provide an alternative main dish, or two, to ensure we cater to our clients preferred tastes.

All meals are accompanied by potatoes, (roast, sautéed, mashed or creamy, or occasionally rice) and three seasonal vegetables. 

Below is a sample of the range available from Jamie's Angels, although the details will vary during the year due to seasonal changes, and just to mix things up a bit.

  • Sliced Breast of Free Range Chicken with sage stuffing balls, gravy, roast pots & 3 veg.
  • Home-made Meatloaf with plain or kumara mash & 3 veg.
  • Roast Angus Pure Sirloin of Beef with roast potatoes & 3 veg.
  • Crumbed Hoki, with sautéed potatoes & 3 veg.
  • Honey baked Free Range Ham with creamed potato bake & 3 veg.
  • Kiwi style Sausage & mash, with 3 veg.
  • Roast Vegetable Frittata, sautéed pots & 3 veg.
  • Perfect Macaroni & cheese & 3 veg.
  • Roast New Zealand Lamb with rosemary gravy, roast pots & 3 veg
  • Roast Free Range Pork Loin, with cracking, roast pots & 3 veg
  • Pickled Pork with Apple Sauce, mustard mash & 3 veg
  • Brilliant beef meatballs in rich gravy, mash & 3 veg.
  • Free Range Bacon & Egg Pie with roast pots & 3 veg
  • Beef (melt in the mouth) Casserole, with creamy mash, & 3 veg
  • Corned beef, with parsley mash & 3 veg
  • Lamb Casserole, with parsley mash, & 3 veg
  • Plus many more !!!!

Coming soon:  Jamie's Angels curry of the month.

Once a month (or more if demand requires it) we will be offering a wonderfully delicious curry & rice dish. Not too spicy, but very tasty and moorish. A letter will go out the week before for you to say 'yes please' to. So that only those who are eager will be supplied. We look forward to your feedback and welcome any ideas or recipes you may have.