Welcome to Jamie's Angels

The 'essential' meal delivery service

Perfect meals on a plate delivered to your door. No cartons. No waste

      • We do it all for you.
      • No need to plan ahead.
      • No need to wash pots and pans.
      • No waste - no cartons or packaging.
      • Just great home-style cooked meals on plates
      • Additive and preservative-free

Saving you time and money each week.

Using fresh, locally sourced ingredients we deliver perfectly balanced, personalised meals on returnable ceramic plates, which we exchange for fresh meals with the next delivery.  

All meals are cooked fresh each morning and 'chilled' (not frozen) for your convenience and enjoyment.

For an occasional treat or a regular delight call today to find out how to become an 'Angels' client.

Fantastic news: Maxwell Williams, the renowned dinner plate specialist has donated over 200 ceramic plates. More plates mean more customers are able to benefit from being an Angel's client.

Call now to become an
Angels client.

Freephone 0800 526 435

or Email: [email protected]

Stay local - Eat local

Stay well - Eat well 

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Covid  update

As an essential service, we continue through all Covid levels. However, the delivery process will change according to government restrictions. For the most part, it will be contactless and each client will receive a leaflet explaining the delivery process to follow. 

For more information please call 

0800 526 435